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Brand Experience: guide to creating a brand awareness

brand awareness or brand experience is a concept that strengthens the relationship of brands with their customers, taking advantage of all moments of contact and interaction. This technique is based on some actions that awaken sensations and feelings that, in turn, generate loyalty and satisfaction.

Brands need to work on their image to ensure their relevance in the market and create an identity, that is, branding . And this is a type of work where details are essential.

brand awareness is one of the most effective concepts to strengthen the identity of a brand before the public .

It is a job that involves a gradual and continuous effort on the perception that the client has of it and that is carried out every time there is some type of interaction or consumption.

It is important to mention that customers are attentive to every detail within their experience with brands, whether when they go to a store or visit an e-commerce .

Therefore, every moment of this interaction can help build consumer perception, which makes it vital to think through all the details so that the impression is the best possible .

A good brand awareness is based on providing elements associated with the brand that allow it to attract the attention of the public and generate value .

To do this, we must build an identity from the base that includes sensations, perceptions and thus generates a connection between the company and the consumer .

In this post we will talk more about brand awareness and its importance in business. Continue reading!

What is brand awareness?

brand awareness is a strategic concept whose principle is that brands generate value between themselves and their consumers at the various points of contact during interaction and consumption .

For this, various areas of perception are explored, always with the proposal of getting the public to build their imaginary from the sum of all the experiences they have with the company .

brand awareness is a technique that has been practiced for a long time, through small actions that, no matter how striking, are not always perceived by the public as intentional.

In recent years, with the advancement of Digital Marketing , it was necessary to develop proposals to apply brand awareness strategies also in that environment.

Contact and interactions

In the relationship of consumers with brands, it is natural to have moments of contact , which can be in person – such as going to a store – or remotely – in a telephone or email service.

For each of these contacts, there are also interactions, which are:

  • the exchange of information;
  • the conversations;
  • the proper treatment that any dialogue of attention to the public requires.

During these contacts and the interactions they generate, techniques are applied that allow creating experiences with the brand that are memorable .

If the customer goes to the retailer, for example, an ideal strategy is to be greeted with a series of details that make a difference, such as:

  • a comfortable and welcoming environment;
  • music that has to do with the identity of the brand ;
  • an approach to the seller where it creates a positive perception about the brand;
  • an aroma of the store and its products that causes a natural association;
  • snacks and drinks served in the store;
  • a branded tone of voice applied to a phone call or email;
  • an effective, educational and family service.

These details and elements combine to generally build an enjoyable consumer experience .

In this way, your perception of the brand will be associated with that positive moment that you lived in a space or in an interaction with the company.

Amenities and facilities

Part of the brand awareness work is also dedicated to planning how the brand can be more useful to its consumers with its products and services. Convenience is a great way to design a good brand and this can be seen in some quick examples, such as:

  • an ecommerce that allows withdrawing at a physical point;
  • various payment options;
  • personalization of products and services.

Working to offer such facilities and amenities is an effort by brands to associate their image with those benefits .

It is closely linked to the sensations, perceptions and details that make the public see certain brands as those that do everything possible for the well-being and satisfaction of their consumers.

Associations that generate perception

Associations and relationships are key factors in the brand awareness, since this technique seeks to awaken unique feelings and moments in the consumer . In this way, if the brand achieves this result, it generates positive impressions in the public.

The consumer will quickly associate the brand with a specific point explored in this brand awareness strategy.

For example, if a clothing company uses a certain perfume in its products, the customer will make a quick association between it and that aroma.

It is a way of generating awareness about the brand, with simple and, at the same time, deep associations, by touching human sensitivity .

What are the pillars of the brand awareness?

Every brand must think in terms of brand awareness, because regardless of the line of business, there are always several ways to provide a unique experience that awakens feelings, associations and perceptions in relation to your brand in the customer.

However, to create a good experience, organizations must start with the essentials, the pillars of this concept.

Next, we will talk about each of them and what they represent for a strategy.

Think – Thought

What is the brand’s mindset? This first pillar reinforces that companies must always highlight their core purposes .

This means that, when it comes to selling, communicating or simply existing, your mission must be clearly shown so that the consumer can understand it without much difficulty .

An excellent example in the application of this specific pillar is Nike, a giant of the sports industry.

The company, through its motto , has for years reinforced its proposal to deliver technology and quality in the manufacture of sports products that ensure that anyone, regardless of whether they are professional or not, can practice physical activity.

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Sense – Senses

What senses does your brand stimulate? Focused on the sensory and making the most of the 5 senses, it is one of the most interesting pillars.

It is linked to deeper experiences, capable of generating different perceptions through the human senses.

  • Have you noticed that your favorite store has a specific smell?
  • Have you ever listened to a song you liked while shopping there?
  • And the aesthetics of the place, what did you think?

All of this is related to a good brand awareness!

It was very common, for a long time, to link this technique to the retail market, but over the years it was necessary to adapt it to digital.

In such an environment, the visual and sound fields are extremely powerful , capturing attention and generating sensations with precision, even virtually.

A surprising example, for those who lived in the early 2000s, were the sounds of the instant messaging tool MSN Messenger .

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They were alerts that indicated the arrival of messages, when a friend connected, among other actions. These are sounds that marked an era and helped build an experience that generated unmistakable brand awareness and partnerships.

Feel – Feelings

What feelings does your brand provoke? The emotional impact is the main factor of this pillar.

The idea is that brands are capable of generating experiences that engage from the feelings they provoke in their consumers , always directing the effort towards positive approaches.

Do – Attitude

What is the attitude of your brand? The experience is built with actions and involves the performance of the company and the way in which it guarantees the convenience and comfort of the client .

In this experience, the brand must always be ready to solve problems and act proactively in favor of the consumer .

Connect – Connection

What is the connection with your customers? The feeling of belonging is one of the most important pillars of digital transformation .

Today, consumers expect much more than a business relationship . They want to be participatory, they want to interact and, in general, they want to be part of the routine and activities of the brand.

The role of the Connection pillar is to get brands to work closer to their audience, so that they develop a sense of identification .

This is possible in both the physical and digital retail markets and the best ways to achieve this are:

  • define locations that fit the buyer persona of the brand;
  • work with storytelling strategies that communicate with the pain and routine of the buyer persona;
  • share content from the company’s routine on channels such as Instagram Stories ;
  • maintain open channels of interaction on social networks .

What are the benefits of applying brand awareness?

Working on a customer’s experience with a brand brings concrete results for companies that decide to improve their performance in sales and customer service.

Regardless of whether the work is face-to-face or digital, the use of the aforementioned pillars guarantees decisive strategic gains. Better understand what its benefits are and why they are so valuable!


Building customer loyalty is more difficult than acquiring them and the reason is very simple: we only retain those who perceive value in the relationship with the brand .

This can only be achieved with brand awareness techniques as part of the efforts, providing unforgettable moments to each consumer.

A customer can buy, for example, a cell phone of any brand, but few are able to place it at the level of belonging to an exclusive group.

Based on this strategy, companies like Apple, with precise Marketing and innovative design, manage to win over a legion of loyal buyers and brand ambassadors , thanks to their unique products.

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Generating value is one of the main challenges, but also one of the most valuable assets that a company can achieve using brand awareness.

Brands always seek to be recognized, widely disseminated in a market and remembered by the public and one of the main means to obtain such characteristics in this relationship with the consumer is to generate value.

This is a direct consequence of a job that invests in the details , with the aim of awakening feelings and generating associations that the consumer assimilates easily.

Over time, brand equity also translates into increased product value added, generating higher sales and boosted profit margins.

It is worth mentioning and clarifying that the best way to verify that your brand has generated value for your potential customers is that they continue to buy your products even if they are more expensive than those of the competition. In the end, price and value are correlated but different conditions.

Brand awareness

Brand awareness is another extremely important result that can be achieved, being very valuable to any company.

When there are good results in this regard, it means that a large percentage of your target audience knows that brand and is aware of its main characteristics and qualities.

Among the positive points that lead to this level, many of them can be the result of a good experience with the brand.

Therefore, investing in good techniques helps to project brand recognition to consumers, leading them to associate it with details that generate sensations and feelings.

Proximity to the public

Solid brands are those capable of being close to their audience, with a relationship full of interactions, positive feelings and also satisfaction.

Good brand awareness work is capable of promoting all of this strategically, generating a positive perception and increasingly pleasant experiences.

Whether in a physical purchase or an online service, if the brand knows how to develop an outstanding experience, it will be getting closer to its consumer . The main factor to enable this more positive relationship is precisely to generate good brand awareness actions.

How does the concept work in practice?

The big brands have applied brand awareness in their operations so effectively that it is not always possible to identify the strategies behind every action and detail.

This is what makes these brands so relevant and recognized within their markets. To analyze concrete examples of brand awareness application, it is essential to divide them into two categories: physical and digital .


We have already talked about sensory experiences, which are the most traditional and applied in retail, but a very valuable example is the events organized by brands.

An interesting case of success is Rock in Rio , a music festival that was born in Rio de Janeiro, but has already been welcomed by other cities around the world.

Today, much more than a music festival, Rock in Rio is a great sensory experience designed to propose a broader concept of event.

Attendees can enjoy various stages of recreation activities, bars and restaurants, in addition to the actions of the brands that support the event, always bringing news to each edition.

This repositioning that Rock in Rio projected in its last editions was responsible for promoting the event in such a way that today it is, above all, a brand. In this way, in addition to the shows, the public also associates it with this series of experiences.

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In digital

Applying brand awareness in digital is no longer a great challenge as it was before, after all, an adaptation was necessary. Between cheaper freight, sites with great navigation, graphical environment and interactions in social networks, there is still room to continue innovating.

Among the brands that have done it, Ray-Ban plays a great role. Have you ever imagined buying glasses online without being able to try them on? What could be a problem that would raise objections to sales has become a solution.

Ray-Ban launched its virtual fitting room, a tool that allows the user, using the camera of their phone, tablet or computer, to project the 3D model of the glasses on their face, in real time.

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The idea is that the user has a complete shopping experience and, in this case, as similar as possible to an experience in the brand’s stores. The customer can choose the model, try it on his face and then decide to buy .

The strategy is an excellent way of showing proactivity (“Do” pillar), in an attempt to offer the consumer the best possible conditions when deciding on a product, even if it is a virtual environment.

How important is the brand awareness for brands?

Brands that apply brand awareness in a strategic and intelligent way can have impacts at various levels in their performance in the market. Understand in a few points the benefits of using this technique!


Brands are definitely betting on experience to be more and more relevant. Consequently, those who want to occupy prominent positions in the market need to design strategies, from the simplest to the most elaborate, to remain a benchmark.

Impact on the client

The client is the main impacted by the work of brand awareness, since all the actions are designed to reach them, awaken feelings and activate sensations.

The importance of this is indisputable, since if the customer is satisfied and engaged , there is a good chance that they will be loyal, have a positive perception of the brand and speak well of it.

Longevity in the market

Brands that follow the path of experience as a form of branding are able to remain, in addition to being solid, totally relevant for longer.

For this, the proposed experiences must always follow the trends of the time, also opening spaces for innovation . Therefore, the brands remain timeless and durable.

The market, in the midst of its competitiveness, requires that companies know how to promote relevant brands for the public.

Feelings and sensations are the key to experiences of great value and capable of loyalty , with growing demands, consumers expect to see innovation and efforts to improve it more and more, something that we can achieve using brand awareness.

Speaking of experiences and how they promote the engagement of potential consumers, that is precisely the theme of the third edition of plentygram Magazine , our complete magazine on the latest in Digital Marketing.

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