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Change the font of your Instagram bio

Instagram Bio

Want to stand out on Instagram? Customize the presentation of your bio and posts using hashtags, emojis, and even special fonts with a few tips.

As you have probably already noticed, Instagram does not offer functions to take care of the formatting of the texts on its pages, and it is for example necessary to be satisfied with a single font for the text, without even the possibility to use bold or italics. Not easy to stand out in your bio, captions or comments under these conditions. Fortunately, it is possible to get around these limits by using simple and free tips and tools, as many influencers do on the social network! Note that these customization methods can be used both with the Instagram mobile application and on the website, if you use a computer in particular.

Change text font on Instagram

Instagram only offers one typeface for all text, whether it’s profile bio, post captions, or comments. But you can use more original fonts by going through a text generator for Instagram, like  Instagram Fonts or Fonts for Instagram . In this how-to, we’re using the LingoJam site  , which is completely free, requires no registration, and works equally well on mobile and desktop, with a simple web browser. Sure, it’s in English, but it’s really easy to use. But feel free to experiment with similar tools, which offer other fonts.

  • With your web browser, mobile or computer, connect to Instagram Lingojam.
  • In the upper frame – or left frame if you are using a computer – type or paste your text. Avoid accented letters as much as possible, which are often very poorly handled.
  • In the bottom frame – on the right on the computer – the generator displays a list of more or less fanciful proposals with your text dressed in a wide variety of fonts, some already containing emojis. Note that not all fonts are readable and some characters or symbols may be replaced by squares.
Fonts Instagram
  • Select the text in whatever font you want and copy it. Note that you can also copy part of the text or even a single character to mix between several fonts, which allows you to personalize your name to the extreme, for example. Obviously, you will then have to proceed in stages and take your time by repeating the operation to reconstruct a text.
Fonts Instagram
  • Go to your Instagram account – with the mobile app or a web browser – and paste the text “dressed up” into your bio, in a post caption, or in a comment. If you want, you can add emojis for further customization.
  • Instagram Bio Fonts

Personalize your Instagram bio

The mini biography that appears on your profile allows you to distinguish yourself quickly and easily. Granted, it’s limited to 150 all-inclusive signs, and you don’t have a feature to beautify it in Instagram. But it is possible to use symbols, emojis and imported fonts to make it more attractive.

  • Open the Instagram app and sign in to your account if you haven’t already.
  • Access your profile page by tapping on your avatar in the lower right corner of the screen.
Edit Instagram Bio
  • On your profile page, press the Edit profile button .
Edit Instagram Profile
  • In the edit page, tap on the Bio row  to go to the bio writing page.
Edit Instagram Bio
  • The layout possibilities offered as standard are spartan. But you can still embed emojis and hashtags, insert line breaks, and use some special characters available on your keyboard. Be careful not to exceed 150 characters in total, including spaces and line breaks. And don’t overuse emojis or special fonts to stay readable and consistent …
  • If you can’t fit certain characters, break lines, or add spaces, write your bio text in a note-taking app, like  Notes on iOS or Google Keep on Android. Feel free to use symbols (dashes, bullets, etc.) to separate sections and air out the formatting. Then copy the dressed text and paste it into your bio writing page.
  • To give your bio more character, use an online text generator like  Instagram Fonts or Fonts for Instagram  or  LingoJam  (see above ) which will give you access to other fonts. You can perfectly mix words or characters with different fonts. Again, copy the result and paste it into your bio.
    Font text editor
  • After you  ‘ve written your blurb , tap the Done  button or the Checkmark ✔️ icon in the upper right corner.
Edit font in Instagram Bio
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