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Fix Common Instagram Problems and Errors


Got a problem on your Instagram? If so, this article will introduce you to several ways to solve them so that you can share your photos and watch your favorite Instagram stories.

Often there are two possibilities that can cause your Instagram problems that you cannot use it. The first is that this app is just not working or you have internet connection problem. The second is that the difficulties are coming from your Instagram app directly, which may just prevent you from posting your statuses or photos on Instagram.

Solutions for disconnections or outages on Instagram

When your Instagram is not working properly, the first thing to do is to check if this malfunction affects all users. While it is quite rare to see all users experience this issue at the same time, there was still a point where this app got disconnected due to an issue with Instagram servers.

To perform this check, you can head to Twitter and Down Detector. On both of these sites, you will find user reports on this Instagram issue and its manifestation. You can also check if the official Instagram account has posted any updates to improve the app, but this doesn’t happen often.

How to fix Instagram issues?

Here is a list of tips you can do to quickly fix your Instagram issues.

Step 1: You need to restart your iPhone, Android or tablet.

To do this :

  • You must hold the power button until the power off option appears;
  • Once this option appears, turn off your device;
  • Wait at least 15 seconds on iPhone and one minute on Android phones before turning it back on.

Step 2. Proceed to verify your Internet connection. You should try on your mobile data and on WiFi. You can also try turning on Airplane mode and then turning it off. This can reset the issues with your connection.

Step 3: If both solutions don’t work, you need to reinstall your app

To perform this action, follow these steps:

  • Start by uninstalling Instagram;

  • Once the app is uninstalled, you need to reinstall it. However, you need to make sure you know your password, as you will need it to sign in again. Rest assured, your photos and profile are safe on Instagram.

Instagram Splash Screen

So to uninstall the app, on iPhone or iPad , you have to keep the app pressed until you see a small x. Press the x to uninstall this app. To find Instagram, you just need to head into the App Store and reinstall it.

On Android, you need to go to your Settings menu, in Applications. Then enter Manage apps and select Instagram. Continue by clicking Uninstall. Once uninstalled, all you have to do is go to Google Play Store and find Instagram there so you can reinstall it.

How to fix Instagram posting issues?

You may encounter a problem when posting photos on Instagram, leaving comments, or liking the photos. If you’ve made a series of downloads, likes, and comments, you may have encountered a spam limit meant to protect the community.

So to fix it you need to check your signal. This check will help you see if there are other things you can do online. If you can access other websites and apps, you might need to continue troubleshooting Instagram. If you are having issues with other services, or if they are slow, you can try reconnecting to your WiFi or turning Airplane mode on and off.

The next thing to do is see if you can download from another Instagram account. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to try signing in to this app using a browser on your phone or computer, and then making small changes to some information. This may resolve the issue and allow you to start posting on Instagram again.

If Instagram crashes when you try to upload a photo, you need to restart your smartphone to see if that fixes the problem.

If none of these solutions worked, it’s best to contact Instagram for more help and to see if there’s an issue with your account.

How to fix Instagram connection issues?

Can’t log into Instagram? This is a very embarrassing problem, but luckily you can solve it with just a few taps. To get started, try signing back into your account again. To do this, remember to re-enter your username and password and try to reconnect. You can also try this on your computer.

In order to help you easily log into your Instagram account with the correct credentials, from the app on your iPhone or Android, you can perform several gestures. You can choose to text, connect with Facebook on Android, or send connect link on iPhone.

A common problem that you face when trying to reset your Instagram password is using the wrong email account linked to it. Remember though that if you are surfing the networks: Facebook and Instagram, you have the option of resetting your password with Facebook, which is an easy option for many users. So, proceed with this technique.

If your Instagram password reset email is not working, you can try resending it. However, you need to make sure that you don’t add any extra spaces to the link as you copy and paste it.

How to fix Instagram issues with the help of Facebook?

If you accidentally delete Instagram from your Facebook account, you may not be able to post Instagram on it. You can then try these different steps to link Facebook and Instagram. For it :

  • Delete the Facebook and Instagram apps from your phone;
  • Head to Facebook settings and remove Instagram permissions;
  • All you have to do is reinstall Facebook and Instagram and connect the two services.

Do your photos appear on the Newsfeed? Rest assured, Facebook and Instagram are aware of the problem and are working on a solution to fix it.

If your friends can’t see your Instagram posts on Facebook, you might need to change Facebook’s Instagram permissions.

In case you see an error on Facebook, you can change the name of your current Instagram album on this network. So a new one will appear when you share again on Facebook.

How to fix Instagram ID issues?


There are a number of Instagram tagging issues such as the inability to identify friends in photos or issues with blocked Instagram hashtags preventing your image from showing up in searches.

You can also tag someone in your photo, but they are no longer tagged there? Rest assured, if the latter occurs, it is possible that this person has removed the tag. This explains why he is no longer identified. Indeed, when you are identified on a photo, you can detach yourself from it by pressing on the photo, then on your name. All you have to do is click on More options. Thus, you will see an option allowing you to remove yourself from the photo.

Can’t add more hashtags to a post or paste a large number of hashtags? You should know that using too many hashtags is probably an indicator of spam. Instagram then blocked it, which explains your problem. It is then best to limit this number to 25 hashtags or less per comment or per post to prevent this problem from recurring.

How to appeal for the deactivation of your Instagram account?

If you log into Instagram and find that your account is disabled, you may have violated a community guideline or the app’s terms of service.

In this case, when you log in, you can appeal to lift the punishment by Instagram. There will be instructions in your app to do this from your phone. However, if this happens, there is no guarantee that you will get your account back.

How do you fix Instagram commenting issues?


On Instagram, you may face comments issues. Indeed, you may not be able to comment on popular Instagram accounts with a newer account, or you may not be able to tag multiple users in the same comment. Rest assured, this is all due to Instagram’s crackdown on spammers. If your profile looks like a spammer based on your profile picture or link, and you’re constantly tagging people or just commenting on popular accounts, you might experience commenting issues.

Louise M shares a strategy for commenting again. It’s like using Instagram like a normal user, not a spammer. For that, see the information near the bottom of the post, but skip the instructions to reset your iPhone’s network settings .

How do I report Instagram issues?

If you have other Instagram issues that you can’t resolve, you can message Instagram from within the app itself. To do this :

  • You must access your profile;

  • You need to access your Settings menu by pressing the three dots from Android or the gear from iPhone;

  • Scroll down and tap Report a problem;

  • Choose the option that matches your problem and type what’s wrong with Instagram on your phone.

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