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How to View a Private Instagram Account

View Private Instagram Profile

If you’ve ever stalked someone on Instagram the worst feeling is when you find out that their Instagram page is private, because at that point the only thing you can really do is either follow that person or just stay right where you are and never view that individuals profile. I’m gonna be showing you guys how to view a private Instagram account so without further talk let’s get right into it.

There’s actually no legal way to view a private Instagram account. Instagram is such a secure company that there’s never been an exploit into a private Instagram account so as a result this post today will consist of tips on how to view a private Instagram account. There’s really no legal way to view a private Instagram account unless if you followed these 3 tips that I’m gonna share with you guys today.

Follow The Account

So tip number one of viewing a private Instagram account is to simply man up and follow that Instagram account. I mean the worst thing that can happen is that you get rejected and that’s when you move on to tip number 2.

Make a New Account

Now tip number 2 is making a new Instagram account the same gender of the individual that you’re trying to view the profile of. So say you’re trying to follow a girl and her Instagram page is private you would go ahead and make a new Instagram account in a girl’s name. Now the way to make this page look legitimate is by posting a couple pictures adding a profile picture as well as a bio. Now once you’ve done that you want to go ahead and buy followers for your Instagram account, you may also buy some Instagram likes for your posts. It is completely simple, you will have a real account with real followers and likes. Go ahead and follow that individual and I can guarantee you that that person will accept you to view their profile. Now say that you don’t want to go through the hassle of making a new Instagram account and then putting followers onto it well then tip number three.

Ask a Friend

Now tip number three is simply asking the people you know whether or not if they follow them on Instagram. It’s a high possibility that one of your own friends is following that same individual on Instagram. So all you got to do to view that person’s profile is simply send a text to one of your best friends and then they send a screenshot back of the other person’s profile.

There’s no legal way to view a private Instagram account without following that account. Instagram is very secure with its users and it will never expose one of its users. So what that means is that the closest thing to viewing a private Instagram account is by following the three tips that I provided in this post so pretty much that’ll wrap up.