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Instagram, a new weapon against eating disorders?

Instagram Food

Patients who arrive at a certain point in the healing process may benefit from the follow-up and encouragement of online communities.

Posting a photo of your meal on the Instagram social network is an ordinary gesture for some, but it can take the form of a tool in the fight against anorexia for others. Fingered in France during the debate on the amendment to the health bill concerning sites inciting anorexia in 2015 , the internet and social networks continue to prove that, in certain situations, they are beneficial.

This is the case for the young Canadian of 24 years Jordane Giguère, whose site of the Huffington Post Quebec tells the story . While she has been fighting anorexia for ten years, her Instagram account has been accompanying her in her battle since January 2015, like a diary. “It came at a time when things were going really badly. I was leaving the hospital, then I felt really alone. With the follow-ups which are not always adequate and not always very tight when one leaves the hospital. , I found Instagram to be like a handy support group, ”she explains.

A complement of sociability

A beneficial method, of course, but only at a certain point in the healing process, say experts interviewed by the Huffington Post . The patients in symbiosis with the disease will consult the internet in order to find tips for losing weight. But social networks offer real follow-up for people who want to get by.

The French specialists of the Anamia research project share this point of view. In a report published in 2013, they explain that “the apology for anorexia is far from representing the totality of postures and practices in these communities. In general, these sites represent a complement of sociability for their members, places where they build solidarity networks to access forms of support and mutual aid which would not be available otherwise, and which are in addition to the care offered by health systems. ”

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