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Lindsey Pelas

While commenting “Okay so I worked at Hooters (lol obviously) and it was a blast. My final year of working there I was in college at LSU where I was practicing aerial silks 3 times a week, working out 7 days a week and dance training over the weekend. So when the bikini contest rolled around my senior year, knowing it’d be the last one I did, I decided- I’m going to get a SIX PACK. Everyone thought I was full of shit, but 6 weeks out I started eating clean and training hard. I followed my bodybuilder friends diets, read every single nutritional label on every single thing I ate. I was incredibly strict and never cheated. . . I didn’t win the contest, but I got my six pack and it was so fun being so disciplined and accomplishing something and seeing my body change. . . I know a lot of people can write me off, “what does this girl know about fitness?” But I look how I want to look now. Lean and toned it’s my overall desire and I’m super happy this way. But don’t get it twisted- I’ve done the crazy diets before and I know what I’m doing. . . The photo on the right is my stomach the day after my bikini contest after I ate a ton of carbs I hadn’t had in weeks. I still think it’s insane I did that but it was one thing I’m still super proud I was able to pull off. . . I love @1stPhorm because they recognize athleticism and fitness goals of different types of people. The dads trying to get in shape, the new mothers recovering from childbirth, body builders… all hold a place of value with #1stPhorm and that’s something I really admire. . . Hope you enjoyed my little story 🙂 swipe right for the ab pic circa like 2013. Haha. This morning’s workout powered by V2Megawatt per usual. Energy and focus to keep hyped up for to beat the laziness and last throughout the entire class. (Also let me just note pilates is hard as fuck if you’re doing it right) that’s all. 🙂 xoxo” Lindsey Pelas a very sexy Instagram model also known for posing nude as Playboy Cyber Girl of the Month for May 2014 posted this picture to more than 8.7 million of her followers on Instagram. Her post got more than 90K likes very fast in just a few hours.

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